4 Responses to “Rediscover the Pit Bull”
  1. abbysmom51 says:

    the first pitbull i ever owned was a rescue, he was a fighting dog. his name was manson, i did not name him but since he was five when i got him no use in changing it. he took alot of work he wasnt very trusting to humans i brought him home on thanksgiving day and ate dinner on the floor with him while the rest of my family freaked none of them were pitbull lovers, they bought into the stereotype. after he got healthy and alot of doctor visits he began to transform. its like he knew he didnt have to fight anymore and he was so thankful. he was the greatest dog who ever lived he passed away last year at 15 years old he was a little fat and had some grey hair under his chin lol. he changed my father, my brother, sister n law, two cousind my aunt and my boyfriends minds about pitbulls. my mother is not a dog lover period but now she will tell you a pit is the only dog worth having. among my family and friends that dog changed so many peoples oponions on pitbulls. since then i have owned nothing but pitbulls and will never own any other breed, they are the most loyal and loving dogs of any breed. and i am raising my daughter to love them as well. we have two and they adore her.

  2. starfireblue7 says:

    Shelby is my pitty rescue and what a character! OMG! I have never seen such a personality in a dog before! LOL She can be silly, serious or just plain happy. When she is happy tho, the “zoomies” hit. 
    Zoomies include running circles through my house at top speed and spinning in circles in the same spot!  She was on death row in the dog pound when she stole my heart. I will never have any other kind of dog now. She is the most loving dog I have ever had, and the thing with her is, she loves and trusts everyone! Especially kids! She is totally awesome with kids! Very gentle,loves to give my grandkids kisses and MORE kisses.  1 of the best dogs I have ever owned. I have not been sorry one minute that she ” let me adopt her “!

  3. HeatherWeimer says:

    Thank you so much for this!!!  I learned many new things about pit bulls and hope to share these facts with others!!!