Pick the Pit

January 10, 2011  

So you think you know what a pit bull is?

One of the pictures below is of an American pit bull terrier. The others are of other specific, registered breeds. No mixes, no mutts.

As you will see with this quiz, there are lots of breeds of dogs who look like what people think of as a pit bull. When they’re mixes, it’s even harder to differentiate them.

So, what exactly is a “pit bull?” Nobody really knows. The United Kennel Club lists American Pit Bull Terriers as an official breed, but the American Kennel Club doesn’t. It only lists a related breed: the American Staffordshire Terrier. (And the United Kennel Club doesn’t list Am Staffs.)

When people talk about pit bulls, they’re generally talking about any breed or mix that looks like what they think of as being a “pit bull.”

DNA tests of pit bull-looking dogs often come up with some surprising results. One dog, who looked to all intents and purposes like a pit bull, turned out to be 40 percent poodle!

That’s a funny thought, but for the dogs it’s a real problem. Many cities and counties – even whole countries – have laws that ban pit bulls. Law enforcement officers can go into people’s homes and take away any dog who has “the appearance of a pit bull.” Even if they’re 40 percent poodle. They can be taken to the pound and then killed.

That’s why so many of us don’t like these breed discrimination laws. In the right hands, any dog is a good dog. In the wrong hands, any dog is a bad dog. Breed or type has nothing to do with it.

So see if you can pick the pit. Click the link below. How many tries will it take you?

Pick the Pit

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3 Responses to “Pick the Pit”
  1. digitallypink says:

    I guessed on the 2nd try. The first one I picked ended up being a Dogo Argentino

  2. 80RachyRach says:

    I got it first time and under 2 seconds…I know my Pitties!!! Best breed EVER!!

  3. LollipopSiouxsie says:

    I knew straight away! This is such a great exercise to challenge perceptions of the Pit Bull. Posted to Twitter and Facebook 🙂